During a virus pandemic, it can be essential to approach household cleaning with a certain amount of viguour and introduce more steps into the daily cleaning routine. You must protect yourself first and foremost when working to remove germs and bacteria in order to eliminate the risk of contracting a virus or any type of harmful germ.

Here are the basic precautionary measures one must take when cleaning:

Below is our list of all high touch areas in the household – some are obvious, some not so much!

Although it may be slightly harder than you are used to doing during your daily cleaning routine, especially with kids and also working from home. disinfecting high-touch areas around your house is definitely easy. There are a number of products one can use for this including disinfectants, and homemade cleaners like diluted bleach solutions, and vinegar-based cleaners. 




Mix this into a spray bottle and you have a germ killing solution ready to go! Of course store bought Disinfectants will handle the task, but it’s definitely become harder to find them in the shops lately..