It’s always tempting to find ways to skimp in a task to make it go quicker. Often it doesn’t end well since the result isn’t as good as the regular way. And also, oftentimes trying to get creative with materials to save money can also go completely wrong. So how can you save time and money when cleaning your bathroom, but still get some amazing results? Well here are 6 bathroom cleaning hacks to save you time and money!

1. Your Bathtub

It’s hard to even believe just how disgusting bathtubs can get if they are not cleaned well! With every use, they see all of the dirt and sweat we wash off of ourselves. It’s very important to make sure that your bathtub is well cleaned. With that being said we can avoid using expensive and toxic chemicals to do that. Instead, plug the drain of your bathtub and fill it up with a little hot-lukewarm water (just about a quarter of the tub will do). Add in 1 cup of vinegar and 1/2 cup of baking soda; swirl the water around so that the ingredients mix (make sure that the water isn’t too hot to touch). Next, soak a clean scrubber in the solution and start attacking the grime. If the water becomes too soiled, drain it out and make a fresh batch of cleaner.

2. Faucets/Fittings

Bathroom fittings seem to hold on to every accidental splash and spritz and start looking downright ugly quickly. A quick way to make your bathroom stand out is to clean your fittings and make them less dull. Thankfully, cleaning and buffing them up is very easy! First, you need to clean the steel using a scrubber and a minimal amount of dish soap. After you’ve rinsed off your bathroom faucet/fittings, take a dry washcloth and dab on some petroleum jelly; use this to buff and shine stainless steel components in your bathroom. Be sure to use a minimal amount of petroleum jelly as that is all it takes to get steel surfaces shining!

3. Toilet Bowl

Cleaning your toilet bowl can be frustrating. All of the cleaners and brushes and complexity. But with this hack, you can save a lot of time and get great results. Just pour half a liter of coke into the bowl and let it sit for as long as possible (2 or 3 hours should be good). After that, a quick brush should be able to remove any remaining stains. Finish off by flushing. 

4. Bathroom Wall Tiles

Bathroom wall tiles are often overlooked, which makes no sense since they can hold the most grime and stains. While you can clean them with expensive and toxic store-bought cleaners, you can make a very effective replacement with household substances. Just mix 1-part liquid dish soap and 2 parts water. Then mix it with an equal amount of warm vinegar. Pour this solution in a spray bottle and mix. Then use this as you would one of the store-bought cleaners. All the cleaning power, none of the toxicity!

5. Your Counters

Toothpaste, soap scum, random grime – all denizens of your otherwise pristine bathroom counter. They can get quite dirty if not regularly cleaned. But worry not, there is a simple and cheap formula for getting your counters to absolutely shine! Mix equal parts of water and vinegar, dip a soft-bristled brush into the solution and scrub the counter with circular motions. For hard to get stains, heat the mixture up and then apply it to the counter. If you’d like to buff out your bathroom countertop, simply dry the surface and sprinkle some lemon oil onto it; crush an old sheet of newspaper into a ball and use it to buff the counter.

6. Your Sink

Let’s, be honest. The sink is one of the easiest parts of your bathroom to clean. But It can be done so much quicker and better with this simple hack. Take two cups of water, half a cup of lemon juice and a tablespoon of making soda. Mix them together into a spray bottle and use this to scrub the sink. Your sink will shine like never before! Just remember to shake the bottle from time to time during cleaning to make it more effective.

With these simple bathroom cleaning hacks, you’ll be spending a lot less money on expensive and dangerous cleaners and a lot less time on each and every task!