Choosing a cleaning service. It seems like a simple decision, but there are some very important things to consider when choosing a home cleaning service. This is because there are plenty of companies out there that care more about making a quick buck than providing quality service. That is why the service you choose should be one you can completely trust and one that can provide excellent service for you.

In order to make the right choice, there are certain criteria that a cleaning company must meet before homeowners can feel comfortable and confident in hiring them. Let’s look at these crucial factors to help find the perfect home cleaning service for you.


One incredibly important factor is insurance, since it protects your family and home against damage and injury. So, if a company does not have insurance, hiring them is not in your best interests. Insured cleaners mean that you can rest in peace knowing that your home is not at risk.


Your time is precious. Don’t let inflexible home cleaning companies make you waste it. A crucial factor for choosing a home cleaning service is their time flexibility. A good service will find out what days and times work with you and tailor their approach. You should talk to them about your daily routine to help them find out the best way to fit into your lifestyle.

Certified Cleaners

Certified cleaners are a must. Hiring a company with uncertified cleaners is a downright bad idea. Certification means trust in the industry, background checks, and detailed knowledge. This way you can know that the staff will know how to get the job done right and you can feel safe with them in your home.


Experience outranks everything. Make sure the company has been in the industry and knows what they are doing. You don’t want to be the guinea pig for their learning. Having an experienced company means they know how to get the job done and are trustworthy. Ensure the company and their staff is experienced by seeing when the company was founded and asking for proof via certificates and references for the staff.

Equipment/Cleaning Products

The mark of a good company is their tools. If they don’t provide their own tools that is a big red flag. And if they do, see what they are using. Lesser companies will use the cheapest toxic chemicals available. But good services will use safe environmentally friendly cleaning tools that are very effective and do not put unneeded wear and tear on your house – all while keeping your family safe.


Past customers vouching for a company is one of the best forms of seeing if they are any good. For a company to get testimonials they had to do a good enough job to get the clients to go out of their way to vouch for them. See that your friends and neighbors think of the company and don’t forget to let them know about your favorite companies!

With this information, finding the best possible home cleaning service will be a breeze!